Society depends on a reliable and safe electrical grid. High voltage power lines and transmission systems are becoming increasingly important with the raising demand of energy, especially in context of renewable resources. Pre-emptive inspection is an essential maintenance procedure in order to ensure the safety and reliability of an electrical transmission network.

Skytek is a full-service provider of leading-edge aerial surveying solutions. We provide clients with the essential data required to better manage operations and quickly respond to reliability issues in their network.



Safety and quality are at the core of our operation, with thorough planning preceding every flight.

Our continued investment in the best camera systems and sensor technology means we deliver the highest quality of imaging available. In addition,  our research and development department continually refines our methods, systems and proprietary data analysis technologies to produce innovative and high quality information products specially adapted to our customers’ needs.



Our robust quality control measures extend from survey design and data collection through manual and automated processing and data accuracy checks.