IMS - Infrastructure Management System  

As a complimentary product for our customers, we include a convenient software application for easy access, visualization and browsing of our products. The customer’s existing data is preloaded into the application and used to spatially bind inspection information directly onto the existing objects (masts, spans, pipelines, roads...).

New spatial data (surface models, vectorized data) is also integrated into the application and is easily viewed on the map. If LIDAR data is available, our software includes modules for section viewing. Of course, users can also take measurements on the map.



The advantage of our software is that not only can it be used directly from the supplied hard drive without any installation, but also our clients do not need to have expensive third party software installed in order to use the data.

Our application is intended for the majority of users who do not need a complex interface or functionality, but rather quick uncomplicated access to data.  In view of this, our software provides a simple user interface and, for further convenience, custom tutorial videos are included in order to get users up to speed swiftly.



Users can quickly visualize up-to-date infrastructure data, display asset data such as tower location and specific tower assets, a line’s operating name, faults found during inspection, tower type etc. with the corresponding images and videos.  All data is prepared and stored in standard industry formats, allowing advanced users to utilize the datasets in other software applications.

Different customers have different information needs and requirements. Our clients receive customized versions of our application, where the data structure is tailored to the client’s specifications.