OTLM (overhead transmission line monitoring) is a system solution for monitoring and rating your existing and new overhead lines (OHL) based on real-time monitoring of conductor temperature, load and weather conditions. Real time data is transmitted on the mobile network to the server where it is available through a dedicated separate web UI, or inside the GIS application as an independent layer of sensors.

The OTLM system supports more efficient operation of OHL, enhancing the safety and flexibility of grid operations.



Advantages of OTLM sensors are: ability to add ampacity to the OHL, provide additional safety by dispatching alerts in case of critical loads, they enable flexibility (to increase network utilisation) by providin information on network conditions.






Weather may cause the destruction of metallic power line towers. The elimination of such damaging conditions is generally not possible in less than one month since this is a long-term technological process. This situation is unacceptable in both the distribution and transmission HV network. 

Around the world, a well-established solution for the restoration of steel high-voltage power line towers is achieved by setting up temporary emergency restoration structures (ERS).

In this way we highly increase the reliability of our high-voltage network and restore the adherence to the N-1 criterion in emergency situations.

ERS can also be effectively used in planned individual replacements of damaged towers or towers that need an overall reconstruction due to other technological reasons.

In a very short period we have gained practical experiences in emergency restorations and in planned replacements of 110kV towers on the distribution and transmission network.