Corona from high voltage equipment has always been an operational and maintenance problem for electric power utilities. In addition to causing noise and radio interference problems, these luminous discharges, which result from the ionization of air around an electrode, may also indicate the presence of faulty, damaged or contaminated high voltage components. Corona on some types of components can lead to premature aging and failure of that component.



Corona can be effectively identified and quantified from long distances through the use of highly effective daylight corona cameras with solar blinds tuned to the UVc light bandwidth. The use of corona cameras to inspect high voltage transmission lines and grid components has proven to be reliable, accurate and very effective. This load independent method for fault detection enables utilities to identify areas of high activity and to take corrective action on their networks ahead of failures.



Skytek utilizes the most advanced UV-camera on the market to pinpoint sources of surface partial discharge, corona and arcing in full daylight and in almost any weather condition. During post- processing, detected faults from the corona video are combined with high resolution images or HD video in order to pinpoint the exact location and physical aspect of the fault.