Using a high quality Full-HD Video camera in combination with the latest state of the art still image cameras fitted with high power, stabilized lenses, we have developed a highly effective way of monitoring the physical condition of structures and components, revealing wear and tear, cracks, splits and damage. 


Through exacting post- processing of the images which provide an incredible level of detail and quality, our highly experienced specialists are able to identify various types of visual and mechanical faults on the transmission network which may not be detectable through IR-Thermography or UV Corona cameras.  Each anomaly is geo-referenced, enabling field maintenance crews to locate the fault quickly and effectively.



Faults detected during visual inspection encompass a wide range of categories, from foundation faults, insulator problems, damaged structures, broken or damaged cross arms and braces, missing aerial markers and broken or missing guy wires and anchors to  foreign objects, overgrowing vegetation, bird nests, missing structure numbers,  etc.